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The success of a restaurant comes from the union of a team that works with dedication and professionalism.

Everything must work in harmony as an orchestra: each person is very important from the dishwasher to the chef.

Our commitment is constant in order to improve our service and welcome our customers as if it were our home.

Our Rita!

Rita has brought for us the tradition of Italian cuisine to Charlotte!

Since she was a child she cooked homemade pasta with her family, learning to use only her hands, her love and the most genuine ingredients.
When we offered her to cook with the same love in our Dolce restaurant, she accepted and carried on our project to make this beloved food known to the world exactly as we eat it in Italy.
You only need four ingredients to make the real Italian pasta: flour, eggs, olive oil and salt but despite this is not as simple as you might think! It is essential to keep the right balance between them and use your hands wisely, but above all, you need to add experience and passion in every step.
Rita not only prepares fresh pasta every day, she also organizes courses in our restaurant for teach you how to make pasta in your own home. 




– Antipasto toscano

– Carpaccio

– Funghi

– Bruschetta

– Prosciutto e burrata

Fresh pasta made daily


– Bolognese

– Lasagna abbruzzese

– Amatriciana

– Vongole veraci

– Sorrento